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Cosmic Power Architecture® Cross Development Tools

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Development Tools

Product Availability:   AGAINST PO, WITHIN 3-4 WEEKS


The C Compiler package includes: an integrated development environment with optimizing ANSI-C cross compiler, macro assembler, linker, librarian, hex file generator, object format converters, debugging support utilities, run-time library source code, and a multi-pass compiler command driver. The compiler also supports non-intrusive C source-level debugging with Cosmic's line of ZAP debuggers.



  • Supports Power Architecture e200z0, Z1, Z3 and Z6 Cores 
  • VLE Support 
  • ANSI and ISO C Compiler
  • Reentrant and Recursive
  • Memory Models
  • C Support for Short Data and Constants
  • In-line Assembly
  • Absolute Listings
  • IEEE-754 Floating Point
  • Moveable Code Feature
  • Check Sum Feature
  • Mixed C and Assembly
  • Host Independent Formats
  • ELF/DWARF Debug Support
  • In-Circuit Emulator Compatibilit
  • Flexible Compiler Interface

ZAP PPC Multilink Debugger

Cosmic's ZAP PPC Multilink debugger provides a FLASH programming and real-time debugging environment for the Power Architecture on-chip JTAG/Nexus port using P&E Microcomputer Systems USB PowerPC Nexus Multilink cable.  ZAP PPC Multilink includes all standard ZAP functionality and the following Multilink specific features:


  • Supports Freescale and STMicroelectronics Z0 and Z1 cores - ZAP currently supports Freescale’s MPC5510, MPC560xA, MPC560xB, MPC560xL, MPC560xM, MPC560xP, MPC560xS and STMicroelectronics’s SPC560xB, SPC560xEL, SPC560xP and SPC560xS
  • Flash Programming
  • Single Chip Debugging
  • Comprehensive Run Control
  • Automatic Clock Detection
  • Hardware Breakpoints

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